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9555 - Emergency/Mission Filter


I have used the Mission Filter now for over 20 years in my home. I have two currently. I use it to get out the rust that is in my pipes from my well. But what I noticed the most was the great taste the water had after going through this system. The only problem I've had in to keep the top flat, as it tends to curl. And the dividing lid in the center of the two pails tends to crack if you tighten the plastic screw too tightly. But the water is great ! And you can have this water available no matter where you are and when the electric goes out, you still have great water ! If you are a camper you can take it along with you or if you work outside like I do, you can have one out there as well - that is the great thing about it - you do not have to have electric power to use it - it's always ready. I am about to order another one for my barn outside as I drink water all the time while working. I'm in Florida and you are always thirsty here. I would not be without at least one of these filters !
Date Added: 10/18/2011 by Carrie Taranova
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